GroomTech Drop Off Service

GroomTech Drop Off Location - San Diego Grooming AcademyNeed your blades Sharpened or a Dryer repaired?

Now you can Drop off your Tools & Equipment here at San Diego Grooming Academy!!

GroomTech the Industry's leading sharpening and repair company Pick's Up and Drops off straight from our ProShop!

How does this work exactly?

  1. Bring your tool/equipment to SD Grooming Co/San Diego Grooming Academy.
    1. Loaner equipment is available if you call a head
  2. Our trained staff will check in your items and give you a service ticket.
  3. GroomTech Pickup the items (Typically with-in 48hrs).
  4. You will be notified by GroomTech when your items will be delivered.
  5. San Diego Grooming Academy will charge you for your items at pick up.

It is that Simple!

What Services are Offered?

Electronic Clipper Blade Sharpening                          $8.99

Fine Hair Cutting Shears                                             $14.99

Fine Hair Cutting Shears w/Special Razor Edge         $29.99

Thinning Shears                                                          $14.99

Other Scissors                                                              $14.99
            Sewing Scissors, Utility Scissors, Kitchen Scissors & Pinking Shears

Clipper Repairs - All Models Labor Charge                 $29.99
            Parts Are Extra. Most Parts In Stock

Dryer Repairs - All Models Labor Charge                    $49.99
            Parts Are Extra. Most Parts In Stock

ALL WORK is 100% Guaranteed!
They make over 20 quality controlled inspection steps to insure the perfect edge on every tool, every time.

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Have Questions? Call GroomTech at 800-898-4766

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