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Located in the heart of North Park, a neighborhood located in San Diego, California known for its Artistry and Micro Brews, pops a very unique pet grooming facility called San Diego Grooming Academy.
At this Academy we teach the mastery of Pet Grooming, specializing in Pet and Groomer Safety, Breed Styles and Patterns all utilizing the top of the line equipment in a 2,700 sq ft. two story facility. Operating as a school Monday - Friday and a Salon (SD Grooming Co) Monday - Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Are you interested in joining the Growing Grooming Industry or maybe get your pup groomed by the next master groomer! You can book appointments by calling 619-452-2366x4.

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A Student Did THIS?!?!

I have been very picky at where I take my dog to get groomer... today I tried SDGA and I was shocked as my pup came back looking AMAZING!!

Love My Grooming School

I've looked though every Sothern Califonia Grooming schools and even a few out of state and chose to come here and don't regret that choice.

Smells So Good!

Me and my dog love here. From the first telephone contact to the first time we came here is being wonderful. My dog never looked so beautiful and taking care. He smells so good too.

I Love Going To School Here

 Ashley makes the breed recognition class fun, she always has something witty to say. Her twin sister and fellow instructor is very patient and kind. Amy has a superb knowledge of products that will work for regrowing fur on damaged skin of you pet. The new owner Myke is a great groomer and leader. He expects your best and is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the area....

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